Through our workshops we aim to break isolation and bring out the creative person in everyone. 

Successful workshops have catered to people who are coming from different starting points - we want to meet students where they’re at. We ask participants about their projects & dreams and share that information with the teachers prior to the workshops.

Our workshops are synchronous (live) and limited to small groups that foster real connections. The foundation of Sur Place workshops is to give students a hands-on experience and concrete project to get started on - and maybe bring to the finish line. 

Through our online platform, The Rink, students can connect with a wider community of creative locals. 

Our standard workshop format is four weeks, one session per week, 2 hours per session. (four sessions, eight hours total). 

Many workshop instructors ask students to work on their project in between sessions; all our workshops have creative time built into each session.

We’re also offered one-day workshops, private sessions, and customized training in the past. We’re open to facilitating your ideas.