Instructors are responsible for hosting their workshops on the Sur Place Zoom account. In order to act as a “host,” you’ll need to login via the Sur Place ZOOM account.

To do so:

If you want to schedule a time to test Zoom, please book it on the Sur Place Google Calendar. 

Please don’t use this Zoom account outside your scheduled workshops or meetings; you may interrupt other workshops in progress. 

Here are a few important ZOOM functions for your interactive workshop

  • Waiting Rooms

When participants open the meeting link, they will be automatically placed in a ‘waiting room.’ 

  • To bring them in, click on Manage Participants in the bottom toolbar. 

  • You’ll see a window expand on the right hand side with a list of participants

  • Click ‘admit all’

Watch the ZOOM instructional video on Waiting Rooms here

  • Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms allow you to separate participants into separate ‘rooms’ for group or partner activities. To create breakout rooms,

  • Click on Breakout Rooms and select the number of rooms you want to create

  • To assign participants to a room, click Assign next to the room, and select the participants to assign.

  • Once you’ve assigned participants to a room, click Open All Rooms

  • Participants will be prompted to join. As they do, you’ll see them disappear from the main meeting room.

  • You can ‘Broadcast a Message to All’ to communicate with all participants in breakout rooms.

  • When time for the exercise is up, click Close All Rooms. There will be a 60-second countdown, and then participants will be returned to the main meeting room

    For more on Breakout Rooms, see this link.


  • Screen Sharing

Screen sharing allows participants to see what you see on your screen. It’s useful for showing slides, giving instructions for software you’re using, or showing videos. 

  • Recording

    Please record your workshop if any participants are absent, so they can watch it later.

    You may also want to record if you want to review your teaching methods. 

    Make sure that you let participants know you’re recording, and that they’re okay with it. 

  • To record, simply click on the red Record button in the top left of your screen. 

  • Click here to watch an instructional video