Get ready... (4 weeks before workshop)

  • Promote

Tell people about your workshop! Share on social media. Email people you think might be interested. Submit your workshop to any groups, newsletters, or mailing lists you have access to.

  • Finalize materials

Read through the Sur Place guide to Running Your Online Interactive Workshop for tips, ideas and activities for engaging your students and creating an interactive experience.

  • Decide how to share materials

The Rink is a private platform where you can share resources with your students, and where students can share their work. Sur Place will help you create a ‘space,’ upload your materials, and invite your students. create a space for you and invite your students.

  • Practice video-conferencing

Read through the Sur Place guide to ZOOM, and schedule a ZOOM session with a friend or someone in the Sur Place community to practice using any functions you're not used to.

Get set... (one week before workshop)

  • Read your students’ ‘Student Insight’ responses

These will help you get a better sense of what your students are working on creatively and what their expectations are.

  • Upload course materials ahead of time to your Rink space or other shared folder

  • Send a welcome email to your students

Sur Place will send you students' names and emails as they register. Often, people register close to the deadline. 

So plan to send out your welcome email just one or two days before the first session is scheduled to begin. Be sure to include:

ZOOM download instructions and ZOOM link 

Links to your online space (on the Rink or Google Drive, for example) where you will be sharing files

Instructions for downloading software or preparing any other materials they will need for the workshop

All workshop meeting times

**Remember to BCC - your students may not want others to see their email address

Go! (beginning your workshop)

  • Give yourself time to check your space and ready your materials. Make sure:

Any files or links you need are open on your desktop

Equipment you need (lights, mic stands, headphones) is working and ready

Laptop is positioned correctly and plugged in

Class structure/timing easily readable  (ie on a sticky note on the edge of your screen?)

Other household members advised that it’s quiet time

Water glass filled

Phone/devices muted

  • Log in to the ZOOM meeting 10 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to start so the space is ‘open’ for your participants. (Log-in instructions are here)

  • Before you begin, take a few minutes to go over Zoom etiquette. (You may want to go over these quickly at the start of each workshop.)

How and when to ask questions (use a raised hand icon, use the chat, etc.).

Microphones muted when not speaking.

Ask people with low bandwidth to turn off all other programs

  • Introduce your students with an ice-breaker or warm-up activity. These are especially important for the very first workshop, but will help get any workshop off to a good start. You can find examples here.

  • If anyone is absent from your workshop, hit ‘record’ --  but ask permission from students first. 

After each session...

  • Log out of the Sur Place ZOOM account

  • Take a minute to reflect on the workshop. Take notes on what felt good, what worked well (and what didn’t). Flag any technical issues you may need to practice. 

  • Sur Place will send you an email after each workshop requesting that you enter attendance for each participant. Please enter this information as soon as possible. 

  • Follow-up with anyone who missed the workshop, with a link to the video.

  • Email all participants with a reminder about homework, key takeaways from the last session, and/or what to prepare for the next session.