Sur Place workshops are typically four weeks long, with one session per week. 

Each session is 1.5 - 2 hours long, depending on the teacher and subject.  

The content and structure is up to you, the teacher. No matter how you choose to organize your workshop, the main thing is to make sure you're organized, with teaching materials, talking points, and activities and homework for each session well-prepared in advance. 

Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Keep it focused 

Think about all the different tools, techniques, theories, etc. that you want to teach in this workshop, and group similar ones under overarching themes or topics. Keep each session focused to one or two of these themes. Know what to leave out. If there are things that don't quite fit into your overarching themes, save them for a follow-up session. 

  • Keep it short


When you're delivering information to your students, consider the '10-minute rule' -- talk for longer than that, and people's attention will start to wander. Break up short 'bursts' of information with activities that gets your students doing, interacting, creating, etc. 

  • Keep it interactive

Plan to have students students spend at least half their time sharing work, doing exercises or creative games, or working together on projects. 

  • Build in more time than you think you'll need

Build silence and reflection into each session. Take your time explaining things to students. Set up important information - 'Here's something interesting' - and pause afterwards to let it land. Silence is key because it gives students a chance to catch up, think about what you've said, and formulate questions. 

Give students a chance to respond to your questions, too. 

  • Embrace your inner performer

In general, slow down your speech. Repeat important words or phrases. If you're not naturally comfortable presenting in front of people, practice running through your material first. (And have fun - it gets easier.) 

Great performers - and great teachers - use anecdotes and metaphor, gestures and expression to engage their audience and convey meaning. Consider how you can incorporate these elements into your material.