The goal of Sur Place workshops is to teach students concrete skills that can advance their own art & media practices, or use to get paid contracts or jobs. 

A workshop can be quite specific (e.g. shoot & edit portrait photography) or more general (e.g. short fiction writing). Propose a workshop in an area you have expertise in and passion for.  

The small class size (4-8 participants) means that students get a lot of individual feedback. Through out workshops, we aim to break isolation and connect students with a wider community of local creatives. 

We're looking for teachers who can:

  • Facilitate feedback

Students will want to hear your feedback on their work, as the 'expert,' but part of the teacher's job is facilitating peer feedback as well. 

  • Personalize the material

 We ask participants about their projects & dreams and share that information with the teachers prior to the workshops. This is a reference point for teachers to really connect students with the workshop material.

  • Foster a inclusive space

Successful workshops have catered to people who are coming from different starting points - we want to meet students where they’re at. 

  • Break up a bigger project into parts

The foundation of Sur Place workshops is to give students a hands-on experience and concrete project to get started on.